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Here at Arms Industries, we're implementing many exciting defense programs and developing innovative products and applications to fulfill the complex and evolving needs individuals customers. Arms Industries™ can also be firmly dedicated to the innovation, development and production of tomorrows advanced, high-performance firearms. We are equally committed to the legal and responsible sale and make use of of our own products. Finally, we're committed to the satisfaction of our customers, which is the reason we stand behind our products using a “No Hassle” limited lifetime warranty and best-in-class customer and warranty service. Our items are tested and manufactured the following inside U.S.A. to withstand the rigors of land warfare, and therefore are purpose built to be that of a combat weapon should be. Arms Industries remains devoted to providing the best next generation Warfare and Military Operation Weapons and accessories using cutting edge CNC and CAD-CAM technology. Arms Industries is additionally a trusted firearms dealer, broker, manufacturer, and distributor of the very most technology advanced firearms available today. With our exceptional customer care, Arms Industries™ strives to take you the best experience possible when looking for the top low gun prices! Whether you happen to be looking for self-defense, competitive shooting sports, or perhaps an upcoming hunting trip, Arms Industries™ has brought the problem out of seeking specific